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Take part in a 5 month accelerator program


Receive €120,000 in investment and acceleration services


Launch your product, strategy, and business model to the next level by learning from our industry leading innovators, mentors, and experts


Get access to our global innovation network


Office space in OGR Torino – one of the most vibrant italian innovation hubs


Present your product to the finest Aerospace and Advanced Hardware companies worldwide


Become the “Best in Batch” and procure up to €500,000 in follow-on investment

What We Look For

Big picture thinkers with an appetite for exponential growth

Can-do attitude & ability to execute ideas

Dedicated and passionate team with relevant experience

Based in Italy or willing to open a legal entity here

Revolutionary tech, products or services ideas

Plans to target global markets in Aerospace and Advanced Hardware


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How will Takeoff Accelerator invest in my startup?

Our Takeoff Accelerator agreement works similarly to the American (simple agreement for future equity) safe model. It involves limited paperwork and legal fees, with the €120,000 investment taking the form of a convertible security of which 46% is benefits-in-kind.

What is the time commitment required during the program?

Our facilities are state of the art so we encourage you to take advantage of them! Between working hours, mentorship sessions, and workshops you’ll be in the office at least one full working day per week. We know that you’ll be working on your startup a lot more than that so that’s why we provide unlimited access.

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Do we have to be in Turin for the acceleration program?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that we require at least one member of the founding team to base themselves in turin during the accelerator activities. Why? To really take advantage of all the benefits of the program and of our team.

What language will be used during the program?

English is the official language we use for all Takeoff Accelerator program related activities and communications.

Does our company need to be incorporated before applying to the program?

Though recommended, it is not mandatory. If selected, startups that are not already incorporated can still access the program by doing so as an italian legal entity by a pre-agreed date.

Can I apply if I am not based in Italy?

Yes, you can. However, if you are selected then you will need to begin the process of becoming an italian legal entity (it can be a subsidiary of your current company).

We would like to apply. Is the confidential information we are sharing safe?

All applications will be treated with complete confidentiality and shared only within the members of the selection panel.

We have applied, what happens now?

After the applications close, we will begin the selection process before finally choosing the top 20 applicants. The top 20 will then be invited to present their company on Takeoff Accelerator selection day. Selection day is a virtual closed door event where you will pitch in front of our stakeholders who will then choose between 8-10 startups they believe have the most potential. If your startup makes the final 10 then congratulations! Get ready to takeoff!

We are already in talks with other potential investors (or we have already received funding from other investors). Can we still apply for the program?

Yes! We are open to co-investment opportunities. If this is your case please state this on your application including, if possible, the amount of investment you have already or are going to receive.

Partners and Investors

We are proud to collaborate with such a prestigious group of partners and investors who are shaping the future of Italian Aerospace and. Advanced Hardware.
Initiative by
Accelerator and co-investor
Innovation and Networking partner
Scientific Board

The program in a nutshell

Weekly Workshops

During our weekly workshops our industry leaders take the mic. You’ll learn how to scale your business, develop your product, protect your intellectual property, get more funding and address classic business challenges and much more.


If selected, you will receive the funding that allows you to focus on the 5 month accelerator program. Depending on performance, an additional €500,000 of investment will become available for the strongest startups.

Office space

As part of the program you will have 24/7 access to our Torino offices, equipped with ultra-broadband internet and everything else you need to grow your business.

International Network

We go global. As part of the Takeoff Accelerator Program you have the opportunity to connect with VC’s, Angel Investors, Successful Entrepreneurs, and Industry Experts.

Partnership opportunities

You’ll have the chance to meet with our corporate partners to develop a Proof of Concept and establish a relationship that strategically supports your company’s goals and validates your product.

A team you can count on

As your primary investors you can count on us, even after the program ends to support you to develop relationships, build connections, and perfect your business strategy. Get in touch here

Program Timeline

Call for Applications (closed)

November 14th

Submit your application before January 16th to be in with the chance to be selected for the Takeoff Accelerator program.

Last day to apply! (closed)

January 16th

This was the last day to apply. If you miss the application window you’ll have to wait until next year.

Selection Day

Mar 2 ,2023

The first opportunity for the 20 shortlisted startups to get to know our partner companies and present their projects.

Program Kick Off

May 22, 2023

We kick-off with an event dedicated to showcasing our Takeoff Accelerator office space to the shortlisted startups, as well as all the services we offer.

Acceleration Program


Work on your product in our office space with the Takeoff Accelerator team’s support, attend weekly workshops and connect with our corporate partners to explore potential collaboration opportunities.

EXPO Day (program end)

Oct 26, 2023

All good things must come to an end... but with Takeoff this is just the beginning! As you now form part of one of our portfolio companies, you’ll have our continued support. Not only that, but the strongest performing startups will be rewarded with follow-up investments up to the value of up to €500,000!

Meet the Team

Eugenia Forte

Senior Program Manager

Enrica Bonora

Program Associate

Francesco Brescia

Venture Analyst


Our Portfolio Startups

Batch 2

Airizon Logo


Airizon provides digital products developed by aviation experts for aircraft designers. With the digital suite HEAD you can design and collaborate with your team in an all-in-one customizable platform that allows you to manage the lifecycle, from design to certification.

betadynamiq logo


Betadynamiq aims to revolutionize Earth Observation by integrating advanced hardware with AI-powered software for real-time, on-board data analysis.

DM-air tech logo


DM-AirTech supports the safe and efficient aerial mobility and logistics by providing specific weather solutions and analytics for the development of vertiport infrastructure and aerial corridors as well as the execution of safe and efficient flight operations of UAV and VTOLs.

DRB logo


DRB provides autonomous drone inspection services of electrical transmission/distribution lines, renewable energy production sites, industrial plants  and infrastructures.

Dromt logo


Dromt develops software for drones, automating monitoring activities and providing customized information and analysis for sectors like agriculture, construction, and emergency management.

golbriak logo

Golbriak Space

Golbriak Space develops miniaturized optical telecommunication solutions to enable high speed data transfer between space, air, and ground assets.

Involve Space. blu logo

Involve Space

Involve Space provides innovative solutions for space-based activities through a flexible and cost-saving stratospheric pseudo satellite.


Space Frontier

Space Frontier designs and develops Zero Emission Hybrid Propulsion Systems.

ohm space logo (1)


Ohmspace develops safer and faster electric propulsion to boost the space economy by by speeding up the missions and services in space.

Batch 1

image 22

ARCA Dynamics

ARCA Dynamics provides space traffic management and Earth observation services using and operating proprietary CubeSats nanosatellites.

image 35


PERS is an innovative startup which aims to develop energy recovery devices for the industry. We enhance the world’s energy!

image 32

REA Space

Italian company specialized in design, research and development of clothing and protective tools for humans in space.

image 30

Revolv Space

We revolutionize satellite operations, making them truly continuous, by providing satellite manufacturers with the next generation of satellite subsystems.

image 18

Sortie Cargo

Sortie carries out autonomous and sustainable cargo transportation up to 2500 km with its new generation UAVs. These UAVs can travel at a speed of 1000 km/h and take off without need of airport with using booster technology.

image 34


SphereCube is an additive manufacturing startup able to process continuously-reinforced high performance composites for next gen mold-less environmentally friendly production.

image 21


Stratobotic provides innovative Earth observation services through the use of new stratospheric platforms, complementary to the other existent technologies. Imagine a High Resolution 3D maps updated 24/7. We can do that, from the Stratosphere.

image 31

Vitruvian VR

Vitruvian VR® simulator is a professional mechanical system with a gyroscopic structure. The machine uses automation and industrial components combined in a new and innovative way that allow high performances and reactivity suitable for multiple VR experiences such as flight or driving simulations.

image 33


Decentralized Control and Distributed AI applied on heavy autonomous drones (250kgs payload) distributed through blockchain based smart-contract backed by collateral staking and deployed for agriculture and firefighting.

image 29


Xylene’s mission is to boost trust in the sourcing of legal and sustainable raw materials.

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